Google Pay’s new Payment feature NFC tested in India


Google’s new feature currently supports only Axis Bank SBI’s credit and debit cards. Which will soon start getting support from other bank’s debit and credit cards.
In the era of Coronavirus from Google, there has been a lot of good news for Google Pay users. Now users will be able to pay through contact less way through Google Pay’s NFC system. Till now Google Pay users did not have the facility of debit or credit card in the app, in this case, users had to face difficulties in paying. But the NFC support system of Google Pay will facilitate payment through debit and credit in a contactless manner.

There will be ease in these bank payments

In addition to the UPI based payment option, search engine Google has started rolling out payment options to users through the NFC system. Although official information has not been provided by the company. But this has been revealed in a report by Android Police. The feature currently supports only Axis Bank, SBI’s credit and debit cards, which will soon start getting support from other banks’ debit and credit cards. For payment from NFC system, the verification process will be completed before the users can setup their card. In this process, the OTP number received from the bank will have to be filled. Once the card is registered, the payment service can be started using the NFC enabled terminal through the Google Pay app.

What is NFC?

It is a kind of wireless data transfer process. It is known as NFC i.e. Near Field Communication. Meaning that all kinds of work including payment can be done in a fixed scope through this process in a contactless manner. Often you have heard about NFC features support in audio devices. This feature can connect other devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles to a certain distance and supports Apple Pay, Android Pay with contactless cards.

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