Hundred Review: Lara Dutta-Rinku Rajguru’s Latest Web Series

Lara Dutt Hundred Series

Whether this interesting pair of Lara Dutta and Rinku Rajguru will be able to entertain the people or not, let’s know how the web series Hundred is made under the direction of Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah, and Tahir Shabbir.


Artist: Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru
Directors: Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah, Tahir Shabbir

Disappearing from the big screen for a long time, away from the eyes of the media and now Lara Dutta has given a big surprise to her fans by making a digital debut. At this time his new web series has been released on Hundred Disney Hotstar.

In this series, Rinku Rajguru, who has achieved tremendous success with the film Sairat, has also worked. Now whether this interesting pair of these two will be able to entertain the people or not, let us know how the web series Hundred is made under the direction of Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah, and Tahir Shabbir.

About Hundred Web Series Story

Hundred Story: If you are also told that there are just 100 days left in your life, then how will you react? Will you get frustrated and upset or would like to do everything in your life that you have not done yet. Something similar is the story of Netra Patel (Rinku Rajguru) from Mumbai, who works in a census office.

Now, though her life is going well, she is taking care of the family with her income and is also meeting her needs. But in this simple and simple life, twist brings a brain tumor.

Yes, Netra learns one day that she has a brain tumor and she is going to die in 100 days.

Now Netra who was still living a normal life, she starts to feel that she has to go to Switzerland, she has to do everything that will make her life a bit exciting.

This is the entry of ACP Soumya Shukla (Lara Dutta), whose life is not too exciting. She wants to do a lot but because of the discriminatory attitude towards women in the police department, she is unable to do anything. She has to solve every major case but in reality, she is either guarding a leader or handling the crowd outside Amitabh Bachchan’s house.

Soumya’s husband DCP Pravin works in the Narcotics Department but never supports his wife.

On one hand, he is worried about his wife and on the other hand, he is afraid of going ahead in his career.

Amidst all this, ACP Soumya Shukla gets the news that the smuggling of human organs is going on on a large scale in Mumbai. She wants to bust this racket. This is why Soumya and Netra’s lives collide with each other and a different game begins. Soumya thinks of busting this racket using Netra. She wants to carry out this mission without telling her department.

In the story of

You will know that in fact, Netra Patel becomes the key in the life of ACP Soumya Shukla, through which every difficult case can be solved easily. Netra also helps Soumya in every case and also tries to fulfill her every dream which she wants to do before she dies.

So can ACP Soumya Shukla Police Department earn the respect she wants for a long time using Netra? Will the discrimination with his end? How far will this unique friendship between Netra and Soumya go? What will happen to Netra Patel 100 days later? Every question and many characters you will be seeing when you see the web series Hundred.

Hundred is a web series that focuses on its characters more than its story. In this series, every character has his own story, his own struggle.

Due to this, the story is left behind and the characters dominate. If you are sitting for this web series hoping that you will be served something new, it is not going to happen. This is a simple crime story in which each character simply works to add different flavors.

Hotstar Specials Presents Hundred | Official Trailer | Lara Dutta | Rinku Rajguru | Karan Wah

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About Acting of Lara Dutta Hundred web series

A mediocre story of the Hundred web series made it worth watching by its unmatched star cast. The strength in this web series is its artists who have impressed themselves a lot. Whether the character is big or small, everyone leaves their mark.

The first thing should be done by Lara Dutta, who has stepped into the acting world after a long time. LARA DUTTA as a police coop is amazing. He has presented the spirit of passing on ACP Soumya to the audience in the right way. His dialogue delivery will also be called superb.

Now in this crime series,

Entertainment has been added by Rinku Rajguru who has made everyone laugh as Netra Patel. Now, if you know that someone is going to die in 100 days, then you will see him in the eyes of sympathy.

But Netra Patel does not let you feel like this even once. This is also the specialty of this character. A fun element is seen with the character of Rinku which remains intact throughout the series.

Karan Wahi is playing the role of RJ Maddy as Surprise Element in Hundred. Karan has completely broken his chocolate boy image by working in this series.

Everything from his accent to style surprises but he also likes it. Sudhanshu Pandey, Parmeet Sethi, Rajiv Siddharth have contributed well as co-stars in this series. Whether or not you find the story interesting in the series, the performance of all these will definitely keep you tied.


Hundred is made under the direction of Ruchi Narayan, Ashutosh Shah, and Tahir Shabbir. The screenplay of Hundred cannot be said to be weak but it has been dragged on for a long time. You will also feel the repetition in the story and many things will be seen to fail.

Amidst all this, this web series stands on two sides. One, each character has been given space to develop. On the other hand, dialogues are also strong. The climax of Hundred has been a bit weak. The climax of the series seems to fade in terms of the number of twists. Then turns you get to see in every episode. Something that you may be surprised to see or some suspense element is missing in the hundred.

To see or not to see?

During the lockdown, when you are also finding it difficult to cut your time, in such a time, the pair of Lara Dutta and Rinku Rajguru will definitely bring a smile on your face. This series can definitely be seen once for the amazing acting of the artists of Hundred.

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