Internet Explorer will be Closed soon from Next year 2022


Microsoft’s popular web browsing platform Internet Explorer is going to shut down. Users were using this search engine platform for the last 25 years. However, now Microsoft Internet Explorer is going to be closed from 15 June 2022. The company has officially announced this. 

What is the reason behind closing Internet explorer?

To Microsoft’s statement, Internet Explorer 11 support is being discontinued from June 15, 2022. According to the company, Internet Explorer is less secure than the modern browser. Also, an up-to-date browsing experience will not be realized. From this situation, the company has brought the Edge platform for users, which is a modern web browser-based Google’s open-source Chromium code, which works for the desktop version of mobile. 


Microsoft Edge will replace

When was Microsoft Internet Explorer started?

Microsoft Internet Explorer was started in the year 1995. It was part of the Window 95 operating system. After this, many updated versions of it were introduced. Currently, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is released. 

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