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From this Radhe Movie Review, We talk about Radhe (Your Most Wanted Bhai) – Your Most Wanted is another film steeped in brother Salman Khan’s aura that will live up to your expectations or not, it depends on how big of a fan you are of Salman khan.  According to this Radhe review, we discuss radhe movie release date, IMBD rating, cast-crew, Gerne, timing, language etc.

The kind of response being received within a few hours of the release of the film ‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai‘ is reflecting the popularity and fan following of Salman Khan in the film industry and the world.

Radhe Movie Review & Trailer

In Radhe, Salman Khan is in the role of a special police officer who catches the drug mafia. On the same line, you will understand that Salman is seen copying his previous films in Radhe. From dialogue to stunts and even looks, He will remind you of Wanted and Dabangg.

Radhe Movie Release Date

Every year on Eid people eagerly wait for two things. The first is from the moon’s Didar, the second is from the film ‘Bhaijaan’. On the one hand, due to the Corona epidemic, many Bollywood filmmakers postponed the release of their films. On the other hand, superstar Salman Khan, according to his commitment, made his film ‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai‘ at a certain time for his fans, Finally, Radhe has been released on 13 May 2021.

Salman’s Radhe is a typical Bollywood film

Radhe- ‘Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is also a typical Bollywood film. It has tremendous action, drama, good comedy, great dialogues, item songs, but on the scale of the script, the film eats out. However, Salman Khan has tried his best to add color to the film with his style. Director Prabhu Deva had also directed Salman’s film Wanted earlier, he has worked hard in the film Radhe, so that the audience can be fully entertained. Due to the dangerous action and the forced villain like Randeep Hooda, the film will keep you tied till the last moment. What to say about Randeep Hooda’s acting, fantastic.

Villain’s character in Radhe movie is heavy on the hero

By the way, Salman Khan has a specialty, which has been seen for more than a decade, in his films. He gives his parallel to an artist whose character is the important role of that radhe film. The good performance of that artist is as much appreciated as that of Salman Khan. Many times, another artist surpasses Salman Khan on the basis of his acting. Whether it was Sunil Grover in India or Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Bajrangi Bhaijaan or actor Anant Sharma in the film Sultan, all these artists were praised. There are very few actors who are able to digest the popularity of their film other artists.

Randeep Hooda was cast in the role of villain

Randeep Hooda’s look and acting in Radhe film are being appreciated. He has left a deep impression on Villain’s role. Although there are many villains in Bollywood, all seem uninspired in front of Randeep.

In the film, Randeep is a drug mafia and Salman is a police officer. There are many scenes of the fight between Salman and Randeep, such that the audience’s breath will be stopped by seeing this.

The film has a strong action, which is new as well as stylish.  When Salman and Randeep are seen together on the screen when the mustache blossoms for the best acting and action is seen. To make the action scene effective, the services of South Korea’s biggest action star Won Tae have been used. 

Star Cast of Radhe Movie

Some Star Cast of  Radhe Movie:

  • Salman Khan
  • Disha Patani
  • Randeep Hooda
  • Jackie Shroff 

Watch Radhe full movie online in HD

Salman Khan Films has presented together with Zee Studio.

Platforms that Radhe movie available on

  • Zee5
  • Zee Plex
  • Dish
  • D2H
  • Tata Sky
  • Airtel Digital TV
  • Overseas Theaters

Radhe Production Companies

  • Zee Studios
  • Salman Khan Films
  • Sohail Khan Productions
  • Reel Life Production Private Limited

Radhe IMBD Rating

The fan’s craze over Salman Khan’s film can be understood in such a way that the OTT platform G5’s server crashed after the release of Radhe.

The film has received 42 lakh views on Zee5 alone. This film has created a new history by breaking all the records of OTT Platforms.

Radhe films received the lowest IMDB rating.
  • IMDB Rating- 1.1

Radhe Cast

  1. Salman Khan
  2. Disha Patani
  3. Randeep Hooda
  4. Jackie Shroff
  5. Sudhanshu Pandey
  6. Megha Akash
  7. Bharath
  8. Gautam Gulati
  9. Jacqueline Fernandez
  10. Arjun Kanungo
  11. Govind Namdev etc…

Radhe Movie Box office collection

U.S.A box office at a glance:  Total – 2,41,026 USD [Rs. 1.75 cr].

Radhe Movie Box office collection

U.S.A box office at a glance:  Total – 2,41,026 USD [Rs. 1.75 cr].

Day 1 57,717 USD [Rs. 42.29 lacs] from 137 screens
Day 2 53,573 USD [Rs. 39.25 lacs] from 165 screens
Day 3 54,705 USD [Rs. 39.95 lacs] from 160 screens
Day 4 41,148 USD [Rs. 30.05 lacs] from 166 screens
Day 5 11,704 USD [Rs. 8.54 lacs] from 116 screens
Day 6 9,284 USD [Rs. 6.79 lacs] from 110 screens
Day 7 6,686 USD [Rs. 4.88 lacs] from 89 screens
Day 8 6,209 USD [Rs. 4.52 lacs] from 88 screens


Overall, ‘Radhey’ is a film that could have been a tremendous experience to watch on the big screen, but due to the Corona Pandemic, the fans of ‘Bhaijaan’ in India are sitting on the TV on this Eid, even on their ‘Most Wanted Bhai’ Will have to be seen. If you are a fan of action films, then you will like this film. The film also has several ‘Seeti Maar’ song scenes. When faced with good and evil, Salman’s fans will surely feel thrilled. In the atmosphere where we are all imprisoned in the lockdown, Salman Khan’s fans will surely laugh and cheer in such an environment even in ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’.

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